Soft Landing to the New and Delicate Chapter in Life 

Are you looking for the perfect gift for new parents or a baby shower? Would you like to ease the stress of family in the midst of the hectic years? The Assarisi Home Assistance Package, Nanny, is a gift that brings joy and help in the new phase of life or for a busy family with children. 

Having a baby is an immense joy that completely changes life. Life becomes very different to navigate with the arrival of a baby including many new things to learn, explore, and routines to adjust.

In a busy family with children, all of your energy might be consumed trying to tackle the endless list of chores and obligations. That's when a helping hand brings a little luxury - you don't have to do everything yourself, but instead, you can take a moment to do something you enjoy.

As a mother of two (now-adult) children, I can provide calm and gentle support and personal assistance during the start of this unique phase in life. 

With the Assarisi service, the new family receives a personal assistant and can decide which type of assistance would be most beneficial for them. They can use the help for childcare, household chores, errands, or guidance in adapting to the new situation.


  • 55€/hour

  • A package according to our agreement. For example, 2 hours once a week for four weeks, priced at €349. The package includes the option to call and ask for advice if any questions arise in the new situation

The Assarisi Home Assistance Package also fits very well for stressed and busy families in the midst of their hectic years!