Services for Seniors from Assarisi  

We are here to bring joy, help and keep you company! 

Are you concerned about loneliness or managing the household? Do you not have the strength or energy for household tasks or errands?

My goal is to provide help in everyday life and when bigger things happen. Aside from providing help with household and errands, I can also book and organize meetups for small groups.

The service is always provided safely, with utmost care and a positive attitude.

Household aid and errand services

I can provide help for you or your loved one to continue independent living in your own home by providing help with household tasks or errands. I can come by for help on a one-time or regular basis.

Tasks and errands I can assist you with include:

CLEANING SERVICES: Maintenance cleaning & tidying up, window cleaning

LAUNDRY SERVICES: washing clothes and textiles, drying, folding, ironing and transportation to the cleaner's if necessary

STIMULATING AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: going outside for hikes and walks, helping with gardening, looking after plants, cooking or baking together, supporting in the maintenance of social relations, playing games, cultural outings and organising tickets for the events, visits to the grave of loved ones and help in maintenance of the graves.

ASSISTANCE WITH ERRANDS / PERSONAL ASSISTANT SERVICES: grocery shopping, doctor or pharmacy visits, etc. I can also do grocery shopping for you, help with digital matters, take your items to be repaired, or do other errands you might need assistance with.

HELP AND SUPPORT IN MOMENTS OF GRIEF: There is a lot to take care of and organize during a time of great sorrow. I can offer emotional support and assistance with practical arrangements and handling related matters.

MOVING HOUSES: Moving to a smaller apartment or an assisted living facility can require many preparations. Additionally, the situation may be delicate, emotional and bittersweet. There are many big and small things to take care of during a time of change. I can help with the practical arrangements related to the move, get quotes for services such as the moving van and arrange necessary additional services.

SMALL REPAIR AND RENOVATION WORKS: Shoes to the cobbler, chair to be upholstered, or a new frame for photography. I can take the necessary repair and renovation tasks to a skilled professional, or arrange them to visit.


Community and gatherings with like-minded people refresh the mind and add meaning to life. I can gather a group of 3-6 individuals who share a common interest.

It could be, for example, a walk in the forest and picking berries, a visit to a cemetery, a pleasant outing to a café, or a theater visit.

Most importantly it is a chance to spend a joyful moment in the company of like-minded people. I take care of all the practical arrangements, including transportation, making it easy and effortless to join in.


You are eligible to purchase the services tax-free if: 

  • your own capabilities are no longer sufficient for regular household chores and handling affairs.
  • you need a support person to accompany you on errands.
  • you require assistance and support in practical arrangements due to the death of your spouse/loved one.
  • you need assistance with errands, for example, moving to a care or service home.
  • you have a temporary mobility restriction, such as after surgery.
  • You're located in one of the following cities: Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Kerava, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi or Sipoo.

The tasks included in the tax-free service will always be agreed upon separately through a written agreement. These tax-free services are provided as home care support services in the client's own home or during accompanying the client outside of home or other errand service routes.

How is the right to tax-exempt service purchases determined?

The prerequisite and measure for tax-exempt service purchases is the decline in resources caused by ageing, to the extent that the customer can no longer independently manage routine household tasks or practical matters required when life changes drastically. The need is determined through conversation, observations during discussions, and, if applicable, by consulting with relatives.


A written service contract and a plan are always tailored to each individual customer. The contract is drawn for regularly provided and one-time services.


Assarisi on laatinut lain säätämän omavalvontasuunnitelman, joka on luettavissa tästä. 

Price example: 55€/h

> After VAT deduction 44,35€/h

> After household tax deduction 17,75€/h*


More about the household tax deduction: For privately purchased services paid as social service support, in addition to VAT exemption, you can also claim a household tax deduction if the service is provided in your home. You can claim the household tax deduction for household work carried out in your home for tax purposes. After a €100 deductible, the household tax deduction is 60% (2023, max. €3500/person).

 Call +358 40-838 8637, and I'd be happy to tell you more or answer any questions you may have.

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